A side table made of leftover pieces

  • Design:

    Sandra Wall & Lina Frisk

  • Year:


Everyday lots of pieces of wood becomes waste. When working in a wood workshop that is even more obvious. So we decided to create a furniture out of these waste pieces and explore how we could create something beautiful out of something that has been defined as junk. We also wanted to see what happens when you combine materials that has a higher status such as oak, along with cheaper materials such as OSB.

The result was Table#1. A table made as a coffee table or a side table. The table top is made of various waste materials in a variety of colors and textures. These are held together by a steel construction that creates distinct meetings between the materials and forming a graphic pattern.

Size: 1200 x 800 x 300

Material: Steel, oak, birch, MDF, OSB

Table#1 is a collaboration with Lina Frisk and were exhibited in Greenhouse at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2012.